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All of our adoptable cats have received their FELV & FIV testing, FVRCP & Rabies vaccines, flea and dewormer meds, micro chipped, and fixed.

Adoption Fees are $100 for one cat or $150 for a pair.


Sammy was rescued last winter after he started eating at our community cat feeding shelter.  He is around 2 years old and loves attention and is very vocal to get it. He is still not big on being picked up even though he likes to cuddle. Sammy gets along with most cats and is buddies with Lucy.


Lucy was surrendered last winter to us. She is around 4 years old and does not get along with most cats. Sammy and her are buddies and have really bonded together. Lucy was not the most friendly cat when she came to stay with us. But over time has really warmed up and loves attention on her terms. Lucy is not a fan of being picked up but will tolerate it when it is necessary.


Oscar is FIV positive. He was surrendered last winter to us and is around 3 years old. He does get along with other cats, but tends to play too rough with them. Oscar loves attention and loves to cuddle to the point that he gets so excited that he gets the hiccups. Oscar is a little bully when it comes to other cats. A single house cat would be best. Not sure how he would get along with other pets. He would do best as your only pet.


Chester is 9 years old. We rescued him back in 2019 after he started eating at our community cat feeding shelter. He was on the streets for so long his fur was  growing over the collar that he had on even though he was skinny. It looks like he was dumped based on other Facebook postings at the time with others trying to find his owner. He has really came around and loves attention. He is not a fan of other cats. It has taken him almost a year to get along our other cats that he shares the house with. He also gets very stressed out every time we rescue any new cats, even with them in a separate rooms. He loves to hang out next to you.


Bug and Hightail are 4 years old brother and sister. They are bonded siblings and will not be separated. They were the first kittens that we ever rescued when they were only 5 weeks old. This is how our rescue started in 2017. These two are the sweetest cats and well mannered. They greet everyone that goes into the barn. They both will get on you and lay down if you either sit or lay down in the barn. They get along with other cats for the most part. They are over do to go to their new forever home. 


Boo was surrendered to us at the first part of November. He is a sweet but very shy young cat until he gets to know you. He is about 6 months old. He gets along with other cats and dogs well.

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