Adoption / Foster Application

Agreement for Adoptions

  1. I agree to provide proper food, water, adequate shelter and kind treatment at all times?
  2. I agree to have a veterinarian examine and give immunizations as needed; and to seak immediate veterinary care, at my own expense, should the animal become ill or injured.
  3. I agree not to allow the goats to breed.
  4. I agree to notify and return to Goat Berry Trails the pet if I decide at anytime that I can no longer keep the pet. I also agree not to allow the pet to be used for medical or experimental purposes.
  5. I understand that Goat Berry Trails cannot guarantee the health, temperament or training of the pet that I have adopted. I hereby agree to release Goat Berry Trails from all liability once the animal is in my possession.
  6. Remedy for Non-Compliance; I agree that Goat Berry Trails retains superior title in said pets being adopted and limited to and for the express purpose of assuring the pets well being and will only exercise its superior claim in the event it appears to Goat Berry Trails that the proper and humane care as specified in the above adoption provisions is not being afforded said animal, in which case the pet may be taken through a claim and delivery proceeding.

Agreement for Fostering

  1. I agree to hold GBT harmless for any direct or consequential damages arising out of foster care.
  2. GBT is unable to reimburse Foster Volunteers for any expenses incurred while fostering animals.
  3. GBT is the owner of the animal(s) during foster care. The animal(s) will be returned to GBT upon request.
  4. I Agree to return all calls and emails regarding my foster pet within 24 hours.
  5. All foster animals will return to GBT for medical care including vaccinations, deworming, and physcial exams. I will not take my foster animals to another veterinarian or give over the counter treatments without prior approval from GBT.
  6. My foster animal(s) will receive appropriate indoor care.
  7. The foster animal(s) in my care cannot be given away, sold, or relocated to another home and is only available for adoption through normal GBT adoption procedures.
  8. If necessary, I will allow a GBT representative to visit my home / property to examine a foster animal. 
  9. I understand that GBT cannot guarantee the health of foster animals and that there is a possibility that the animals(s) may have illnesses that can be spread to other animals and humans.
  10. I understand that GBT cannot cuarantee the temperament of foster animals, and I will exercise reasonable caution with any new pet in my home including safely managing interactions between foster animals and children, strangers, or resident pets.
  11. I agree that I will keep my resident pets current on vaccinations and other preventative care, and I will notify the Foster Coordinator if my pet develops a contagious illness. GBT cannot provide medications or treatments for resident pets.