Hooves & Tails

The original two !

Reva & Dazzel

It started off as a Christmas present for my wife. A pair of pregnant goats that came from a not so great situation. We have no idea how unprepared we were. I had installed a video camera in the stall, but on the night Reva went into labor it wasn’t working well. By the time we figured out Reva was in labor and having problems, it was a little too late for the first two kids. They were really weak and didn’t make it. Luckily the other two kids came out ok and healthy. A few days later, Dazzle would have two healthy kids. Within a few years, Reva would start having health problems. Tragically during a trip to the vet’s office, Reva had a heart attack and passed away in my arms. It hit me pretty hard. Because within a few days, I wound up in the hospital due to raising my blood pressure. Tawni, Reva’s daughter and stall mate, also took it pretty hard. For weeks, she would look out her stall door looking for her mom. Eventually Tawni would bond with her new stall mate Nibbles.

Dazzle is our oldest goat. We believe she was born in 2010 and is starting to show signs of aging. Like cataract and problems with her back right hoof from a old injury that she got before she came to our farm. Dazzle’s stall mate is her daughter Suzie. 

“Your soul has not been awaken until you have loved an animal !” – Goat Berry Trails

We miss you !

Daisy 2017-2020

Daisy was a bottle baby from one of Pebs 4 kids in 2017. All 3 of her bigger brothers would not let her nurse. So we bottle fed her and she stayed with her mom. Turned out daisy’s small size was due to a heart condition. But that really never slowed her down.

Unfortunately in 2020, she collapsed  a short time after getting the shot from our vet and passed away. Her mom even laid next to her until I got home and found that Daisy had died. It was heart breaking. I did take Daisy to Michigan State University Veterinarian School for a necropsy, to find out what  happened. She had some heart problems that we knew about that was diagnosed after she was born. She really had not shown that she was having any problems. I was told because of her condition the stress of getting a shot caused a fatal cardiac episode.

Even months later her mom still waits at her stall door looking out for Daisy at night. Because before Daisy passed away, her brother and her would lay down in their stall at night with their mom after a hard day of play.

Like no other !


Sometimes the most unexpected experience will rock you to your core and ultimately change how you live your life. Our something is named Spearmint. From the day we brought her home we knew she was special.  A very smart, affectionate, and very demanding little goat that has opened our eyes.

We purchased Spearmint, Rose, and Magic from a really nice farm that was retiring back in 2016. She was not happy leaving the only home she had ever known. To show how unhappy she was, she would not lay down at night. I even had the vet to check her out and make sure nothing was wrong. After a few nights of this, I finally went out and laid down in the stall with her. To my surprise, Spearmint laid down next to me and gave me a few kisses on my forehead. I started petting her and she immediately went to sleep and started snoring. So now when She wants me to lay down with her which is usually every 3 weeks when she goes into heat especially in the fall and winter, she will set like a dog until I come out. Even the cats will see her and set with her waiting on me to come out. The funny thing is, she will not lay down at all if I don’t go out when she request my presence.  Plus she will stress herself out to the point she makes herself sick. In reality, no matter how inconvenient this can be, I would not change her for the world because she was really the one that opened my eyes.

The only thing I wished that I would of done different was after she had her only set of kids here on our farm back in 2017 that I would of kept them together. We only bred her one year due to she had such a hard time kidding. She had three boys and was a great mom. But I sold all of her kids just like the previous farm that she had came from. Back then I made many decisions based on profit and not compassion.

Spearmint’s stall mate is Latte. Latte is one of Rose’s kids from 2017. Latte’s sister Mocha passed away from salt poising after eating a excessive amount of loose minerals when she was 12 weeks old.  Once Rose had her kids in 2018, Latte didn’t want anything to do with her mom or her new kids. I thought Spearmint needed a stall mate and they seem to get along.

Tawni & Nibbles

These two are bonded best friends. Nibbles was the runt of her four siblings and a bottle baby. She was always being picked on by her three big brothers. Tawni took is really had when she lost her mom Reva and Nibbles filled that void. Now they are best friends and are always together and stall mates. 

2014 and our first kids !

Scubë & Pebs

These two are some of our first kids that were born on our little farm. 

Scubë is one of Dazzle’s kids. He is a very independent, smart, sweet, loveable, and big bully. He demands attention and will be right by your side if you are in the barn or in their outside pen.

Pebs is one of Reva’s kids. She is also is smart, sweet, loveable, and a great mom. In December of 2020, she lost her stall mate and daughter, Daisy. After Daisy collapsed from receiving a shot from the vet, Pebs laid with her the whole time until I got home and found her. Pebs still looks out every night of the stall door looking for Daisy. Daisy’s big brother “Bogger” and Scube are Pebs new stall mates.  


Moose - Rocky - Pepper

These three are Rose’s kids from 2018. In 2018 we stopped disbudding the kids (removing the horns when they are a week old)

Moose is the big bully of the family and the one reason he doesn’t have a stall mate. His is a lovable character and always wants to be the center of attention. Even if that means getting into trouble to get your attention. 

Rocky is the laid back brother and shares a stall at night with his mom and sister.

Pepper is small, lovable and a smart little girl. But can be a little bully at times. 


Magic had single kid each year in 2018 it was Mistic and 2018 it was Luna. In 2018 we stopped disbudding the kids (removing the horns when they are a week old) and Luna can be a bully with her horns even though she is much smaller than everyone else.