Paws & Tails

They will melt your heart !

"What greater gift than the love of a cat" - Charles Dickens, Author

Our First Rescue

5 little kittens !

Our baptism into rescuing cats started with 5 little ones showing up at a food dish that we put out for a black feral cat that was living in our hay shelter. At the time I was really naïve about cats and I originally though mama kitty was a boy. 

Since my wife was allergic to cats we decided to keep the kittens in the barn. These 5 little ones opened my eyes about the need to help community cats. It also opened my eyes for the need to have them tested for FELV and FIV. Because 3 of these kittens would become deathly ill before they were 2 years old with FELV, FIP and ultimately have to be put to sleep.

Since then we have rescued numerous cats from a variety of situations and some with health problems including FELV and FIV. 

Our current

Inside residents

We never planned on having cats in the house, since my wife is allergic to them. But that changed as we rescued cats with different needs. We removed all of the carpet in the house which makes it easier to sweep and the furniture all have covers that are easy to wash. The only part of the house that is off limits for the cats are the bedroom and my wife’s office. 

Our first cat to come inside was a 3-4 year old skinny tom that I had trapped outside. We found out he was friendly after he was spayed. It was winter time and since some of his hair was shaved due to being spayed, we decided it was best to allow him to stay inside. He is full of energy and wants to play with the other cats and gets pissed because they don’t like to play with him.

Our second inside rescue cat was a sweet 7-8 year old sick and skinny tom that we found during the winter. He is FIV. The first 6 months he stayed in my office because Chester was not happy and at the time didn’t approve of the new houseguest. 

Our third inside cat is Orion. He came from a neglect case. He is a older tom that had it rough in life. He was missing teeth, blind and FIV, but a sweetheart. He likes to be next to you, but doesn’t want to cuddle or be held. We thought Oliver needed a buddy, we were wrong. They do tolerate each other and occasionally will be found sleeping next to each other. 

They just keep coming!

Outside Residents

Some of our outside cats have come and gone. But all have been spayed or neutered and recieved their shots. If they are friendly and able to be inside the house, we find them a forever homes.

Our outside community cats have numerous insulated shelters which some are heated including 8 x 16 foot covered feeding areas that protects them during bad weather and can relax and enjoy the sun during the winter months.

Occasionally a mama cat will show up with kittens. When this happens, we will quarantine the mom and kittens. It makes it easier to allow the mom to raise the kittens while we socialize with the kittens. Once the kittens are 8 weeks old we will transfer the kittens to a shelter so they can be adopted out.