How It Began!

We would’ve never imagined that what started off as a Christmas present for my wife would ultimately transform our lives forever. Reva and Dazzle were sisters and the first pair of goats that we brought home. They did not come from the greatest situation and both were pregnant with no known due dates. We had studied as much as we could about raising goats and got a lot of bad advice. Even though we made it through the ups and downs. It did open our eyes to things and one of the reasons we started our non-profit.

The Rescue!

I think we are officially cat people now. The funny part is, we never planned on having cats since my wife donna is allergic to them. All of this began when the local feed store that had been around since the 1930’s closed and left some feral cats. So naturally a mama cat made it to our house with 5 kittens in tow. Since then we have rescued numerous cats with a variety of health problems and we happy for the opportunity to help these furry little ones and look forward to what the future has instore for Goat Berry Trails.