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Fun Facts About Booger

Booger was born and raised in Temperance, Michigan. He currently lives in Monroe County, MI at Goat Berry Trails Sanctuary with his friends and family including his mom, dad and one sister Nibbles.

Booger is running for President to bring awareness on supporting your local animal rescues. Constitutionally having a goat for a US President might not be possible, but let’s have fun with it anyways!

Booger is a Independent and not affiliated with any other political party.

Booger earned his name by the mischief he would get into as a young kid.

Booger is a descendent of Nigerian Dwarfs. His mother is mixed and his father is a full blooded Nigerian Dwarf and where he gets most of his looks.

When Booger is not helping his mother with chores around the barn, he’s out rescuing cats.

Booger’s life experiences has prepared him to handle many aspects of the job at hand. Like the health care needs of animals. His grandmother and aunt came to Goat Berry Trails in 2013 with undiagnosed and pre-existing conditions. His aunt dazzle has problems with her back legs from injuries that were not taken care of when she was young.  His grandmother Reva had undiagnosed heart and kidney problems and passed away from a heart attack at the vet’s office. His 3 year old sister daisy passed away in 2020 from heart issues that was diagnosed by the vet when she was only a few weeks old. So his core priorities are preventative animal health care.

Booger may not be able to save all cats in need, but he can at least try to save some of them. So join us and vote for Booger the Goat 2024. Early voting will be starting soon, so consider becoming a monthly donor to help our efforts with saving cats and wildlife starting in the spring of 2023.

His Vision

Are you tired of voting for the same old goats on either side of the fence that tell you their side is greener?

Stop voting for old goats and this time around vote for a real goat! He’s younger, smarter, and he won’t lie, I mean exaggerate! That’s right, he will actually tell you just what he thinks if you understand goat talk!

He’s a goat that will get things done for his Sanctuary and hopefully inspire others to get involved with their local animal rescues. 

He will also build border fencing with barns and shelters so he and others won’t become a coyote snack at their new sanctuary.

He will provide fresh locally grown hay. None of that foreign stuff like from that other state.

He will provide health care including yearly vaccinations and health care services from our great Veterinarian.

He will provide housing that’s fully insulated, including fans and heat. No crappy accommodations at our sanctuary. 

He will provide monthly spa days for those much-needed hoof trimmings and grooming’s.

He will provide family services to help rescued cats that stay at Goat Berry Trails.

He will provide transportation services for animals needing rescue or veterinarian care.

He will provide education about caring for animals including the importance of spay and neutering pets and adopting from rescues or shelters.

Who will pay for all of this? Hopefully some of  you will help through your tax deductible donations. Please consider monthly reoccurring donations.  Unlike the politicians, we can’t spend what we don’t have.

So who is booger running against? Mostly humans like those pesky politicians. He wants out preform them by getting more votes than all of them put together by Election Day on November 5, 2024 to bring more awareness to animal rescue.

Because we believe in fairness and transparency, early voting has began through Election Day November 5, 2024! Our rules are simple, just vote as many times as you would like and you don’t need your ID. Plus it’s open to all countries. We don’t want to leave anyone out.

So join our campaign and consider becoming a monthly donor to Booger’s campaign at Goat Berry Trails. All donations are tax deductible.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and sit back and follow Bogger’s journey with the campaign and a bunch of retired and rescued goats. 

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I’m Bogger and I approve this message, Bahhh!

Stop Voting For The Same Old Goats! Vote For A Real One This Time!