About Us


Hi, welcome to Goat Berry Trails! Hopefully you are having the best day ever!


I have always had a passion for caring for animals. From being in 4H to building rabbit cages with my father. I was blessed that my parents encouraged my passion for caring for animals at a very early age.


My first rescue was a baby raccoon that I had found screaming on the side of a tree in the woods. I have even had pet skunks when I was a teenager.


Now fast forward to today where my wife and I have went from a small goat and poultry farm to a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit sanctuary and rescue with the sole purpose to save animal lives. Currently our focus is with cats that are in need. 


We also have quite of few permanent resident goats and more than a handful of cats that are old, blind and some FIV positive in the sanctuary. 


The main reason that we started rescuing cats was that they are always so many cats in need. Shelters and rescues are always full and unable to help every cat in need. They just can’t save them all and why we started the rescue to try to help save one at a time. The only downside is that my wife is allergic to cats but has a big heart and after 35 years of marrage, we make a good team.


So consider making a donation or becoming a monthly donor. On this page you will see a link to our tax ID is listed on our IRS 501(c)3 Determination Letter and all donations are tax deductible. There is even a link to a letter that our primary vet gave us.


Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and coming soon to TikTok.


We would love to here from you. So if your interested in adopting a cat or have any comments or questions just give us a shout out.


Looking Forward

Right now we are in the planning stage for our new sanctuary in Southeastern Michigan.

Our main priority is raising funds for operational cost to cover everyday supplies, veterinary care, and food to be able to save more lives. 

Our rescue is currently located in Monroe County, MI with some of our cats located in Henry County, Ohio.

Our new location will provide sanctuary for feral cats that are in need.

We also will need dedicated space for our wildlife rescue because we will be getting Licensed as a Michigan Wildlife Rehabber. Something that we have planned for a long time.

We will specialize in raccoon and opossum rescue since there is shortage of licensed wildlife rehabers that take them here in Southeastern Michigan. I have 3 great longtime licensed wildlife rehabers as mentors. One of which that I volunteer with. 

So set back while we share our journey and moments from a bunch of retired goats and rescued cats that enlighten our lives.

Have the best day ever!

Aaron & Donna, Co-Founders

It all started with my parents encouraging my passion for animals!