About Us

They just want to be loved !

When it all started

The Beginning

From a small poultry and goat farm to Non Profit Mirco-Sanctuary.

In 2013 my wife and I started a small  poultry and goat farm. By 2018 my wife and I had a change of heart with the direction our small farm would be taking. For the first time, our turkeys and chickens would find forever homes that didn’t include someone’s dinner table. Followed by our goats retiring so they could enjoy life and grow old with their family and us. To top the year off,  we became Vegans. A choice that has forever changed our lives and mind set, but just one of the many pieces of the puzzle for us fulfilling our purpose in life. 

Also in 2018, 5 kittens showed up with their mom in our hay storage and opened our eyes to a whole new world. Since then we we have rescued numerous cats of all ages. Some of these cats with a variety of health issues including FELV, FIV and FIP. We now try to help community cats by improving their lives with food, shelter, medical care, spay/neutering, and forever homes when possible.

We want every animal that comes into contact with us to know love and compassion. So our future is clear with the creation of something bigger than us, that will last far beyond our life time. That is why in 2020 we formed Goat Berry Trails, Inc a Michigan Non Profit 501(c)3 Organization.

The Future

Looking Forward

Currently we are focused on being a advocate for animals and helping community cats. In the future, we want to move to a larger farm to provide a larger sanctuary for adoptable cats, a forever home for feral cats and other livestock in need.

So, set back while we share our journey and moments from a bunch of retired goats and rescued cats that enlighten our lives.

Don’t forget to share some good vibes over a plant based meal and have the best day ever!

Aaron & Donna  Co-Founders

It all started with some chickens, a pair of goats and a few kittens!