Finding Forever Homes

Our Mission

Goat Berry Trails, Inc was created to save cat lives.

Our mission is to provide shelter, food, and necessary veterinary care to cats that come from a variety of situations. We believe that life is precious and strive to ensure a safe haven and proper placement for the cats under our care.


Aaron & Donna Bailey, 


One Spay Saves

Our Vision

We want to help end the cycle of homeless cats that are outside. We strive set cats up cats for success that are (TNR) Trap Neutered & Returned and prevent future generations of homeless cats. One female cat and her offspring can produce 376 cats in just three years.

Spay & Neuter! 

How It Started

We are the care takers for some retired dairy goats and a bunch of cats that come from a variety of situations. We promote a healthy plant-based lifestyle that includes caring for some amazing creatures that enlighten our lives everyday.

Our journey began originally as a small goat and poultry farm that became a 501(c)3 nonprofit cat rescue after some homeless cats found shelter in our hay storage and adopted us.

Goat Berry Trails, Inc is currently located in Lambertville, MI. We are an all volunteer group that works with outdoor homeless cats and strive in finding them suitable forever homes when possible.

We wish you all the best vibes and have the best day ever!


Aaron & Donna Bailey


Goat Berry Trails, Inc

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